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Botanical Pharmacy

Need to order or reorder supplements, raw herbs, granular formula, patent formula pills, or any other products?

Not Your Typical Acupuncture Office


Primary Care

Acupuncture Massage Cupping

Botanical Pharmacy

Medical Evaluations

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Why See an Acupuncture Practitioner

Private Health Care On Your Terms

Support for A Range of Conditions

From pain management, Internal medicine, manual manipulation, post operation, operation diversion, holistic wellness.

Personalized Care

Every body has unique, individual characteristics, genetic make up, lifestyle choice, sensitivities and susceptibilities. Each treatment, and herbal formula is tailored to you.

A Lifetime of Wellness Ahead

Deciding to get on and stay on a path of wellness throughout your life increases the quality of life and longevity.

Holistic medicine takes the approach of nourishing life, rather than treating disease. 

The emperor's Doctor

One day the emperor’s doctor came to court and saw the emperor had a mild condition, and asked him to be treated. “No” said the emperor, “I’m to busy with my affairs of state.”

The next month the doctor came and the emperor’s condition had become worse and humbly requested the emperor be treated. “No, I’m to busy” said the emperor. “The affairs of my house need attending to.”

A Tale from our ancestors

A week later the emperor sent his envoy to get the doctor. “Doctor, the affairs of my family are being disrupted by my sickness” said the emperor. Now very sick and his condition severe. “I’m sorry, oh morning dawn, emperor of the realm, I can not help you in such a state. If only you were treated sooner.” Sadly the doctor turned to go. 




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