Acupuncture is a profound pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a healing practice with a rich tapestry dating back thousands of years. It is founded on the belief that a vital life force, or Qi, flows through the body in channels. When Qi is in balance, the body is in a state of health. Acupuncture, with its fine needles skillfully inserted into specific points, aims to restore harmony to the flow of Qi. This gentle yet powerful therapy is tailored to the individual, acknowledging the unique balance of body, mind, and spirit in each person.

“I feel like we are doing sacred work together. The gratitude and reverence I feel for my body during a session feels like a prayer. The treatment room is an alter, my body becomes the temple and the medium is giving thanks to divine creator for my life.”

“Oh My God Jay, that was amazing and magical! I’m all in, can you schedule me every other week for the rest of my life. I want to feel this good all the time!”

“I tweaked my lower back and I immediately thought of Jay. I was in bad shape and could hardly move and even had to cancel work. It got way better after the first treatment and I could comfortably go back to work the next day. Jay recommended a treatment plan and got me feeling 100% in no time. I got on a regular acupuncture and massage plan to keep it that way!”

“I tried getting in to see my western doctor and waited 3 months for an appointment. When I finally got in, I was seen for all of 5 minutes, barley asked any questions and given pills which didn’t do anything for my pain but mask it a little. Jay squeezed me in the day after I texted him and got immediate results and a treatment plan that worked! Now I tell everyone about Jay.”

“I went in to my allopathic doctor for my chronic knee pain, and was referred to surgery, given pills and scheduled for a knee replacement. I didn’t want to get surgery but didn’t know what else to do. I was desperate. I called Jay and he got me in for an combo acupuncture and massage session. He took the time to explain in detail what was going on in my knee, that there are no quick fixes and we set up a treatment plan together which is helping manage the pain and allowing me to be active again!”

“Jay, your treatments are the only thing that has worked. I’ve been dealing with this condition for a long time and I have been seriously scared I’d never feel better again. You’ve given me my life back. So worth it!”

Botanical Pharmaceutical Consultation

At Berkeley Wellness Center, our botanical pharmaceutical consultation bridges ancient wisdom with modern health needs. Our experts, steeped in the rich traditions of Chinese Medicine, carefully curate herbal remedies tailored to your unique physiological blueprint. We believe in the power of nature’s apothecary to restore and maintain health. With personalized consultations, we aim to harness the therapeutic potency of botanicals to craft your path to wellness. Embrace the transformative journey with our dedicated guidance, where every herbal prescription is a step towards harmonious health.

Need to refill your prescription?

Refill your Chinese medicine prescriptions effortlessly with Berkeley Wellness Center. Under Dr. Gunther’s expert care, obtaining your tailored herbal compounds is a seamless experience. Simply reach out, and we’ll prepare your personalized concoction, ensuring continuity in your healing journey. Trust in our dedicated service to provide the essence of wellness, conveniently bridging traditional healing with modern-day ease. Your path to well-being continues uninterrupted with Berkeley Wellness Center.

Massage, Deep Tissue & Cupping

Discover the restorative embrace of massage at Berkeley Wellness Center. Our skilled therapists blend deep tissue techniques with the ancient art of cupping to release stress and promote healing. Each session is a crafted experience, targeting deep-seated tension and fostering a flow of energy. At the hands of our professionals, you’ll find relief and tranquility. Embrace a holistic path to wellness with our massage and cupping services, where every touch is a step toward balanced well-being.

“Of all the things I do for self care, yoga, dance, meditating, coming to see Jay is my favorite! I look forward to coming in to really drop into my body on a deeper level.”

“You’ve spoiled me! I can’t see any other practitioners. I’ve received so many sessions from some seriously talented practitioners. (Jay) You’re the best and now I can’t go anywhere else.”

“It’s hard to explain what happens during a session. It feels like Jay is having a secret conversation with my body I’m not aware of, then all of a sudden I’m let in on the conversation and realize I’m holding tension but don’t need to any more. A release happens and the conversation moves to the next topic.”

“I honestly don’t know how other people live without bodywork. Regular sessions are one of the greatest highlights of my life. It’s my spirit practice! I don’t feel grounded when I have to miss a session.”

“Every time I get together with all my girlfriends, you always come up. Someone in our group recently saw you and makes the rest of us jealous. So I was like, why be jealous when I could just book a session and here I am. The rest of them said they booked too. We all love you so much❤️”

Wellness Checkup

Embark on a journey of proactive health with our Wellness Checkup at Berkeley Wellness Center. This comprehensive assessment is designed to tune into your body’s whispers before they become shouts. Our holistic approach evaluates your physical, emotional, and energetic health, identifying areas for enhancement. From nutritional guidance to stress management strategies, we tailor a wellness roadmap that aligns with your unique needs. Embrace this opportunity to recalibrate your health, discovering a balanced state of well-being through our insightful Wellness Checkup.

Our Process


Sense Your Needs

Sensing Something might need attending in the body. Acknowledging aches, pains, tension, strong emotions, illness, dis-ease, misalignments. Sensing the desire to feel your best and all the places not quite there. 


Pick A Modality

Pick your modality and session type: Acupuncture, massage, cupping, herbal consultation, wellness check up, physical assessment, workers comp evaluation, bloodwork request, telehealth.


Reach Out

Have question or want personal care booking your session? Find and schedule a time with your practitioner with the button below. If you’ve already reached out requesting times, Great! We’ll get back to you shortly, usually within the same business day, if not immediately.



Congratulations for making your appointment! New patients will receive a welcome email confirming their appointments and a link to new patient forms. Please fill out your history, agreements and acknowledgments forms prior to your first visit.


Your Appointment

Show up to your appointment at your scheduled time. We appreciate your prompt arrival to maximize the time we get to serve you. Your safety and wellbeing are our top concern. Rushing to a session to relax has counteractive effects. If you create the space in your schedule, planning a little extra time to arrive slowly can encourage your system into the most healing space possible so your body can take full advantage of your treatment. Link to map and address. 


Your Next Appointment

Rebook before you leave for the easiest way to claim your next spot. If you’ve ever considered getting on a regular body maintenance or treatment plan here’s your opportunity to set one up. If you’re looking for a regular Weekly, Bi-Monthly, or Monthly session, let us know. You can also text, or call for assistance finding your regular time. Space is limited to book your favorite time today!



Need to reschedule? The quickest way to change a time is to find a time on our calendar and text your new date. You can also schedule a new time online and leave a text or voice message to cancel your pending session. Please note our 24 hour cancellation policy. Of course we appreciate you letting us know at your earliest convenience. 


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